Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magnificence of Women

Hi Friend –

I’m Andrea Palmer, Project Manager of 5000moms.

Today we are going to talk about the magnificence of women… the magnificence of YOU! You have power that is beyond anything you can imagine. The times we live in right now are hard for many people, you and me… but you know what I say? BRING IT ON! It is in times that are hard that miracles happen and destinies are formed…like a diamond.

Do you know how a diamond is made? It is quite interesting to find out the process. A diamond, in the beginning, is actually not a diamond at all. It is a piece of carbon, like a pencil tip. One of the softest and weakest forms of rock. However, through years and years of pressure and high temperatures, the carbon is transformed into a diamond. One of the SOFTEST rocks transforms into a diamond--the strongest rock and one of the most beautiful!

Don’t you feel like that is a lot like us? We women become more beautiful because of the choices we make when we are under the pressure and the ‘high temperatures’ of life. When the pressure is added on your shoulders, each and every day, remember to look up with your head held high. Create a brilliant smile that will creep across your face as you say to the world, “BRING IT ON! I am a diamond, I am beautiful and I am the strongest woman you will ever meet”.

You ARE making it through difficulties. You ARE making a difference. You ARE strong. You ARE beautiful. You ARE currently achieving miracles. Look in the mirror and love the diamond in front of you.

We are magnificent. Spread magnificence… you are worth it!

With admiration and love,

Project Manager

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  1. I love this message Andrea! What a great blog. I'm posting the bring it on statement on my bathroom mirror to remind me of the diamond I am!

  2. Beautiful message Andrea! You are amazing project manager!