Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quiet Time

The first step in this journey is stopping. The most powerful advice or tool I can share with you won’t come from my words – it will come from you. It will not be found in action but in stillness. Daily Quiet Time – for at least thirty minutes – is the greatest step you can take in regaining health, serenity and joy. It is the vehicle where you will find the answers and strength to live your authentic and best life.

We live in a world that is anything but quiet. With cell phones, computers, iPods and television we seem to always have messages coming at us. We become immune to the stimulus and start to develop spiritual calluses. We make choices based more on marketing campaigns and less based on what fits our needs and the needs of our families. We drowned out that voice that comes from something bigger and greater than ourselves. We then react to whatever may be in front of us instead of act from a place that is connected to greater clarity and purpose...

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