Thursday, October 22, 2009

16 Ways Depression Is Like a Pumpkin

When I think of depression – very few “funny” thoughts come to mind. I know from my own experience – depression can feel like a pit that if my foot gets too close I fear I may tumble in and get stuck in the bottom. From my connections and conversations with other women, we all have learned coping skills and weapons to beat depression out of our lives. I believe that when we isolate from others the strangulationof depression seems to grip all the more – suffocating the joy and hope out of our hearts. My depression has often come from fear and anxiety. When I get so busy that I drown out my own inner voice I lose the ability to adjust and receive direction on how to heal from the inside out. If you are struggling with periodic or chronic depression I invite you to start using the most powerful tool I have found to help get back on track Quiet Time. Read on to see if any of the sixteen depression pumpkin comparisons I found in a recent article ring true for you. They may even bring a smile to your face. Happy Pumpkin Month...

Soul Essentials Specialist


  1. Hey,

    I sent this onto a few of my friends and they are so grateful you wrote this! Depression is something we need to make sure and help women with everywhere, that is for sure. Thanks for your inspiration and following it to help moms, especially 5000moms. :-)

  2. what a wonderful post that gives us so much insight in my life right now.

  3. Ditto to what Dear Gabriel said--Many of my friends have emailed me, saying they needed this article...

  4. I have been overwhelmed with people all over the world letting me know that this post woke them up to what they were experiencing. Women struggle to take care of ourselves but if we aren't well than we can't care for those we love. I have decided that service each day is a great way to lighten my mood. I am going to make that part of my goal each day to keep me out of myself....