Friday, October 2, 2009

"But I'm not a Salesperson"

Recently, I have heard many people say...“I’m good at this, or I’m good at that, but “I’m not a “sales” person.” Which prompted me to ask the question...what is a “sales” person exactly? Is it the sales person at the car-dealership? Is it the person who knocks on your door to sell the newest and greatest cleaning products for your home? Or is it the person that calls you in the middle of dinner to get you to renew your magazine subscription? I would guess that these three areas of sales I just mentioned probably have a negative connotation in your mind, for one reason or another. From there, we dis-associate ourselves from these categories, because we have felt uncomfortable in these situations. My goal is to help you shift in your mind the concept of Sales. I would like to pose you as the “sales person”- who puts your best self forward.

Ask yourself these five questions...

Marketing Director

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  1. I love what you write and your incredible knowledge Shawna! Thanks for sharing with us!