Thursday, December 17, 2009

Act Like a Child

I love this time of year because it feels like children rule the world during the Holidays. It is all about surprise treats and fun. One of my new goals for the coming New Year is to be more like a child. Everything good that happens in my life comes when I open my heart to be really in the moment and experience the possibilities of the natural world. My over scheduling and calendaring can become a trap and a burden. As a mother I can fall into a trap of wanting my children to grow up and be responsible. I know that one of my primary roles is to teach them the social rules that we all try to live by but childhood is so short. I read recently “To live the long, wonder filled days of childhood is a God-given birthright, and child’s play is a most serious and necessary occupation. It is a sad injustice to infringe upon an already too-short childhood with heavy schedules and inflexible routines that conform to adult standards of appropriate activity”...

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