Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Courage to Ask for a Miracle

“Do you have the courage to ask for a miracle and then the faith to let it occur, easily, gracefully, free of drama and struggle?” Carol Tuttle

December is the time of year where many in the world celebrate religious miracles. Our Jewish friends commemorate the miracle of light during Hanukkah. Members of the Christian community focus on the birth of the Christ child in a lowly stable. The magic of this time of year is in the possibility of a miracle appearing around any corner. For a young child it is finding a wish wrapped under the Christmas tree. The tragedy is that as we grow older, we start replacing that unwavering faith with fear. We stop recognizing and expecting – even asking for miracles to occur.

My heart feels more open and soft during the holidays. I know there is a power greater than me working in the universe. There are some prayers that have been prayed so often that only God knows the count of the constant pleadings of the heart. You may be petitioning for a miracle of great proportion. Maybe you are facing cancer or unemployment. It may not happen quickly, but every prayer is heard and answered in someway.

Sometimes recognizing the miracles in other’s lives is easier than seeing them in our own. I see countless miracles in the story of Stephanie Nielson. This mother of 4 survived an airplane crash and was burned over 80% of her body...

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  1. Thank you so much Ganel-Lyn for this work. I am believing in miracles for my 29 year old son, home from Iraq with post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. He is on too many prescription drugs from the VA, and combines with with alcohol at times to forget things he saw and did. He is now living with us, as his wife left him for another man and took the children this year. It is a year of turmoil for him. And for the most part, I have allowed Faith to take over. But there are the days with fear. This is an area I just need to totally give to the Lord, and then step back and watch the miracles unfold. Thanks again for the inspiring word.

  2. What a wonderful reminder--especially at this time of year!

  3. Believing in miracles is something so many people need right now in their lives - including me! Thank you for the post. So wonderfully written.