Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What do you want to CREATE in 2010?

First of all, Happy New Year to everybody! I hope you ended 2009 in a wonderful way, and are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2010. As we started the new year, an interesting perspective came to my attention: As I wrote out checks for our son’s gymnastics lessons and various other vendors, I wrote January 2, 2009. Though I had a great celebration of the new year, I didn’t even NOTICE the mistake I had made on my handwritten checks. In fact, it wasn’t until people asked me to correct the date that I noticed my silly error.

This little goof got me thinking of how often we are creatures of habit. We sit in a particular way, cross our arms in a habitual way, and maybe even grocery shop and buy the same foods on a weekly basis. When I wrote my checks out with last years date, I realized how easy it is for people to do things in a habitual way without even thinking about it cognitively. Although I mentally knew it was the beginning of a new year, my habit from last year was to write the month, the day and the year 2009… so I of course I did it again.

So think about this? Are there places in your life where you would like to create better habits?...

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  1. The power of habits is amazing. People that are happy and abundant are people who have habituated ways of being. I believe in that so much. Thanks for the inspiration Jen!~

  2. I love everything you write Jenn--thanks for another great post!