Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being Grateful Exercise

Last week while teaching Pilates, I began the class by asking my clients to be grateful for being able to flex, bend, extend and move in all the ways that we do. I think it’s easy to wish and want for more, but what would happen if we took the approach of being grateful for everything that we already have? We may not be able to do EVERYTHING that we want to do in a day or a week, but how do you think it would feel if we looked at our day and appreciated all the greatness we experienced that day? Though we all have things we wish and hope for, lets take a moment to appreciate the little things like our breath, our family, our home and our ability to control our thoughts. How would that make you feel? Read the rest of the post here

Jennifer St. Laurent is 5000moms Body Essentials expert, she will be the March webinar featured speaker. Watch for upcoming registration information.

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  1. I am so grateful you are the Body Essentials specialist Jenn! This is a fabulous post!