Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Power of An Apple

I believe that the results we create in our life are a product of the questions we ask ourselves.

While we cannot change our destination over night, we CAN change our direction… this happens via questions.

Here is one: If you continue with the same activities and habits you are doing now for the next five years… what would your health, relationships and finances look like then?

If that put a smile on your face then congratulations… you have created and are following a winning plan.

If your heart sank, no need to freak out… Isn’t it great you asked yourself this question now versus five years from now?
If you just realized your plan is not. . .

Jeffrey St.Laurent

Body Essentials Contributor

(Husband to the Body Essentials Expert!)



  1. I love this post. It goes right along with what I'm reading right now in Cash in a Flash.

  2. 5000moms is so lucky to have someone like Jeff who helps us to see all these different things. He is successful with his coaching business and USANA - so much to give to us women, moms or whoever we are. Thanks Jeff!