Thursday, May 6, 2010

Putting Yourself in the Clearance Bin

I bought a book a while ago for $19.97, read it and received huge value from it.

The other day I was in the book store and saw that same book in the “Clearance Bin” for only $5.

It was weird because seeing this book on sale, I felt cheapened my experience that previously had been so valuable.

It made me realize that part of the way we value experiences in life is through the cost associated with a product or service.

When we get things for a “discount” or “on clearance” we tend to value it less.

What do you do in life or business that devalues yourself or your service?

How do you put yourself in the Clearance Bin?

Maybe it is not following through with what you say, not respecting your time or health. Maybe it is discounting your product or service for a potential client that says they “don’t have the money.” Possibly even doing things that you don’t believe in or not speaking how you truly feel in a situation.

Whatever it is, determine what you value the most and the value of what you have and consider what it would take to keep yourself selling at “full price.”

Jeffrey St.Laurent

Body Essentials Contributor

(Husband to the Body Essentials Expert!)

Jeffrey St. Laurent


  1. i love this post ---- I do it all the time in my head and it is a great reminder to value myself and my experiences.

  2. Thank you for this Jeff. It is such a good reminder to not compare ourselves to others, but to realize that we each offers gifts that no one else can offer. There is a "pricelessness" in each of us and the more we share ourselves, I believe the more priceless we become. Thanks Jeff!

  3. "Keep yourself selling at 'full price.'" Awesome Jeff. Thanks so much!