Wednesday, June 2, 2010

At Home Business Success with 5000moms

As a founding team member of 5000moms, and the marketing director, I am very passionate about the marketing tool that 5000moms is. I love the demographic, I love the team I work with, I believe that when good women around the world unite together in a common purpose that is real power. And I knew that together we could help to facilitate change for women in their personal lives that would allow them a window to make a difference in their financial lives. But I was also possibly the most apprehensive about our corporate alliance- USANA Health Sciences.

My professional background is in corporate marketing and sales. I am drawn to high-energy, fast paced environments and thrived on the media sales and marketing energy. But after 10 years, it became a huge drain on what I felt was truly where my heart was. My hearts desires and my professional life were competing with each other My heart was with my family, my children, my home, but I didn’t want to loose that energy and creativity that I felt when I was working. Shortly after I left the corporate world to stay at home with my second child, I quickly found like-minded women who were starting a magazine for women. I quickly jumped on board and two years later, depleted and exhausted, I took a year to just be. I wondered why after all these years my desire to stay at home and be with my children,I jumped into an emotionally and physically exhausting start up magazine. While I learned a lot, it was a hard lesson on me and my family. A year after my – what I like to call- ‘Ashram year’, I was approached by my dear friend whom I’d worked with on the magazine to consider a network marketing venture with her. Not only did I say no. . . I was mad that she even would ask! Me. . network marketing. . .it just wasn’t even a consideration. As I listened to my dear friend say- “we can create our own marketing tool. . . “, we could apply all the tools that we learned at the magazine to help women feel connected to each other and we could do that virtually. .. although we didn’t have the know how in this area, it was a conversation I was willing to have. After about 2 months, a 15 year veteran and very successful USANA Diamond director began to unite a team of women across the country. The project manager of 5000moms- Andrea Palmer had the vision and leadership skills to help unite us as a team, and direct us in how to organize and create this amazing tool. I was SOLD on that idea, but had to be open to the idea of our corporate alliance many months before I was actually convinced that it was the best tool for us.

I was standing in my kitchen doing my dishes and it HIT me- I actually looked around to see if there was someone I could tell my story too, I picked up the phone to call a few girl friends, no one was around. Ok, I thought, this moment is just for me. This is what I came to realize that day.

1. Our corporate alliance USANA Health Sciences provides. . .


  1. Shawna - you do such a great job with breaking down why 5000moms is an amazing marketing tool for work at home moms. Especially why we love USANA health sciences! USANA provides so many products that as women we NEED in our daily lives in order to have the energy necessary to get everything done that we do!

  2. Thanks for sharing this powerful story Shawna!