Friday, June 11, 2010

Inner Peace when Saying NO to an Oprah Talk Show

Recently one of my friends suggested I send in an audition tape to Oprah for her search for the next Oprah. She thought with 5000momsand who I am - having my own talk show would be a perfect fit. Hosting my own talk show has always been on my “dream list”. When Oprah announced her campaign, it did make me pause and consider the possibilities. As I mulled the idea around in my brain I thought through the details. How would it work? What would I offer the world that is new or different from all the other Oprah hopefuls? What about my family life and kids? As my brain strategized, I could already feel the answer in my heart. My brain could work out the details but my heart said NO. I sat for a minute thinking about the first day my show would go live. Heart says “not the right season”. I want afternoons to swing in the backyard with my daughter and late nights of trying to understand my teenage son. I want quiet days in my pjs writing a blog post for 5000moms and overnighters with my husband. I am sure fancy calendaring would allow for those things to happen and have the stardom of a television career – but for now I want more quiet and less air time.

Audition information from Oprah

When making decisions, I have learned that I need to pause and take a moment to hear what my heart is saying not just what my brain is thinking. When I can’t seem to feel the answer, I take it to Quiet Time. I use prayer, staying quiet and still so I can know the answer and maybe see the bigger picture that God has created. He can direct us because he sees all the planes in the air. He is in the control tower directing our path if we let him. It is during this process we avoid inflight crashes and unneccessary detours. Trusting Him means I will peridoically delay landing because of incliment weather or because another plane is ahead of me. Trusting that His timing is always better than I can dream is what I define as faith.

I love the classic country song from Garth Brooks. “Sometimes I thank God For- (finish the article here by Soul Essentials Director, Ganel-Lyn Condie.

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