Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recession Moms Have Options

Here is an interesting clip that was shown on TODAY a few days ago.
And along this theme, we offer you "Recession Moms Have Options:
10 Reasons You Don't Have to Go Back to the Office."
  1. When you work from home, you have more of a say when it
    comes to choosing which job works for you and the life of your family.
  2. Building a home business also enables you to choose how
    much income potential you truly have.
  3. When you work from home you do away with the upfront and
    continuing cost of new clothes, transportation, meals away
    from home, day care, etc.
  4. Building a home business and being an entrepreneur develops
    lifelong leadership skills for your home, family
    and community.
  5. Working from home decreases and/or eliminates the transition
    time of going back to the office.
  6. Working from home allows you to worry less about the
    fact that you may have a "gap in your resume."
  7. Working from a home based business gives you GREAT tax
    benefits and write offs.
  8. Working from home is the ultimate "flex time" job because it
    allows you to focus on family first.
  9. Working from a home based business is recession proof
    because it isn’t dependent on punching a time clock.
  10. And finally, working from home allows you to wear your pjs
    to the office.

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  1. I love this list! What a great corporate alliance 5000moms and USANA make!