Friday, February 12, 2010

Soul Essentials Spotlight- Heather Richey

5000moms welcomes Heather Richey to Soul Spotlights.

A singer/songwriter, Mrs. Utah Pageant winner and mother of 6, loosing a child to SIDS, expresses honestly about how she has survived abuse, death of her daughter and other trials. Heather shares very personal lessons learned from overcoming eating disorders and participating in the pageant system. Her voice is often heard through music and speaking engagements. She teaches simple steps in creating an authentic life and talks beautifully about her journey to connecting more fully with God.

Tell us about yourself (family, marriage, education).

We all have a story. My story begins in Alberta Canada. My ancestors had crossed the plains and settled in Canada. I’m the fifth child of twelve. I started writing music as a child and have completed three albums. I received a degree in Art Science. I’ve been married eighteen and a half years to a great guy, Sam Richey and we have six beautiful children. We lost our sixth child last December from SIDS. Having lived and traveled around the world, I have a love for all people. Continue here for the full interview


  1. This story is so amazing to see and read. Thank you so much for sharing your life with 5000moms Heather! Your talents are blessing many women around the world, we hope you know that and continue to pursue all that gives you bliss. Come and visit us often at!

  2. Absolutely loved reading this Heather--thank you so much for sharing!