Friday, February 5, 2010

Beat the "Ground Hog Day" Blues

I love the sites and smells and feeling of winter and a warm cozy fireplace but right around Groundhog Day I start to resent being cold. As I drive to grocery shop I see more gray than sleigh bells and winter wonderland. If you are are tired of winter and starting to wonder if you are struggling with seasonal depression, read on….

I just found a great post about how to beat the winter blues . The author gives 12 great tips on how to improve your physical and mental health. We need to bridge the gap of the joyful holidays through the gloom of this time of year straight into the hope of Spring. If you live in a cold climate and you find yourself wanting to stay in bed longer and isolate from your friends you may be struggling with some real seasonal depression. With New Years resolutions still fresh in our minds starting an exercise program and new eating plan can do miracles for your mood. When your body feels better your thoughts and feelings will follow.
To read the complete post by Ganel-lyn Conide- click here


  1. I'm grateful for bright sunshiney days like today- becasue over the past several weeks, I have experience a little seasonal depression. This article is a great reminder of the simple things we can do everyday to beat the highs and lows of the winter months.