Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5000moms Corporate Alliance- USANA Health Sciences Wins Award Wins Scientific Achievement Award!

Hold the phone everyone…

THIS is one of the many reasons why 5000moms has chosen USANA Health Sciences as the corporate alliance – they have been awarded a 2009 Scientific Achievement Award by Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ). This is just another reasons we can trust their expertise and their knowledge about supplements. Here is an excerpt from the press release itself:

“The science of nutrition and nutritional supplementation is advancing at a rapid pace,” said Dr. Tim Wood, USANA Executive Vice President of Research and Development. “Our understanding of vitamin D and its role in human health, for example, have changed dramatically in just the last few years. In response to these advances, USANA upgrades its formulas continuously to keep them current with the latest research, and to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality, science-based products possible.”

To read the full press release and information please CLICK HERE.

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  1. I trust my healthy to USANA! And for obvious good reasons :)

  2. No question about it, USANA products are incredible!

  3. USANA products and 5000moms are such a perfect alliance. 5000moms completely believes in making sure we as women are always healthy and strong, so we have enough to give back to everyone around us.

  4. Using USANA products everyday helps me to feel confident, knowing that I am giving my body the very best nutritional supplements available. I marvel when listening to Dr Strand's stories about his patients and the transformations they go through when using these products while making nutritionally sound lifestyle changes to their eating habits and adding moderate exercise. USANA gives me peace of mind.