Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quiet time is life change!

I love hearing back from my readers. These concepts may seem simple but I promise they are life changing! Ganel-lyn Condie

Here is what Ronde (Provo, UT) shared about the power of Quiet Time

“Quiet time is great; it is my favorite time of the day. I am waking up earlier just because I want to commit more time to it. I still have nights when I get woken up more than twice and can’t get back to sleep and quiet time ends up being the ten minutes it takes to pick someone up in the car. I think the important thing is that I am mindful of it and it is one more thing to look forward to.”


  1. Thanks Ronde for your comments about quiet time. It really is something simple that we can incorporate into our lives, the results have been life changing for me. We look forward to learning from you.
    Welcome again to the team!

  2. This is exactly what we want to do at 5000moms, help their lives become more of how they know they can be. This is a wonderful testimonial about Quiet Time! Thanks Ronde!

  3. I just started "quiet time" last week. I'm finally getting back in touch with my higher self because I'm taking the time to get in touch with me and with God. I'm so grateful for 5000 moms and Ganel-Lyn and her suggestions. Soul Essentials is so important!

  4. Being a nursing mom, quiet time happens every day for me and it makes a big difference for me.