Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Energy Management

If you missed the webinar last Tuesday night, catch the recording here. Webinar Presenter Jeffrey St. Laurent- Founder of True You Now Gives us great tips on how to manage our energy. As moms, we are always looking at ways to manage our time, but Jeffrey poses the question? What about managing our energy. We'd love to hear back from you on how you manage your energy.


  1. This webinar about energy management was FABULOUS. Something that 5000moms is all about is energy management. Jeff does an amazing job of relating to women in our roles as moms, wives and business women - with everything we have to accomplish. He breaks things down into simple terms to help us to really look and see what we are doing with our energy and our time. Thanks Jeff! Everyone take the time to listen and to think about his advice.

  2. LOVED this webinar--thanks Jeff!