Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Follow Through and Follow Up

Follow-Through and Follow-Up- How can an email and a phone call ensure the success of your business?

Marketing Director Shawna Fillmore offers some tips on this topic.

Are you someone who promptly returns every phone call you receive even if it’s from the local library about an overdue book? Or are you someone who puts that into the “I’ll get to it later pile”? In managing your business, every call that gets put into the “I’ll get to it later pile” often can mean the success or failure of your business.

Why are returned phone calls and emails so essential to running a successful business? Let’s pose the question before that, which is WHY aren’t you making the calls?

Is it truly that you are just too busy? Possibly, a little planning in advance can take care of this problem, or is there a real fear of failure or rejection looming over your head. If you don’t return the phone call, “they” can’t say No- but you know what, “they” can’t say yes either.

On Womenentreprenuer.com Paula Gregorowicz who is the creator of “Comfortable in Your Own Skin Coaching Process” offers three points to help you reach past the fear of failure. She says , “That starts with valuing yourself and having a strong personal foundation, which means;

* Getting clear on who you are and what you really want
* Employing regular habits to keep you at your personal best
* Making choices that allow you to live in alignment with what matters most to you. “

At 5000moms.com, our mission is to create a community of women who will support and sustain each other, but to also offer personal support to the home, body and soul which can help you get back to the basics of living authentically and planning your life around your dreams.


  1. I loved this post!! I have a few calls to make ;)

  2. i'm the kind of person that does call back immediately most of the time. it may because of that fear that i don't call immediately, but i don't particularly like talking on the phone. once i do make phone calls, if i have delayed them for any reason, i find that just making one will make each call easier. thanks for the post!