Friday, February 26, 2010

Thanks USANA!

As the 2010 Winter Olympics prepared to close, we'd like to highlight our corporate alliance, USANA Health Sciences in their sponsorship of the Olympic Games.
USANA, Sponsored 5 Olympic Teams. These teams were supplied with supplements that they can trust to add to their regimen of diet and exercise to ensure that they perform at optimum levels as they compete. "These teams came to USANA because of our reputation for quality products and our proven results. Team USANA is an incredibly talented group of elite athletes — including at least two flag bearers — who understand the value of proper nutrition. As such, they naturally trust their health to USANA's high-quality nutritional supplements." www.what's up, USANA:2010 Winter Games
We at 5000moms feel incredibly fortunate to associate with a company that has impeccable business practices and provides products that high-performance athletes look to to help optimize their performances at the games.


  1. Most athletes are told not to use supplements because the nutritional industry as a whole cannot be trusted. It's incredibly fortunate that athletes as well as my family can turn to USANA!! So grateful!

  2. I agree! To think that these athletes trust Usana for their nutritional needs--makes me feel even better about taking them myself, as well as my family!

  3. Again - one of the HUGE reasons why USANA Health Sciences is the corporate alliance of 5000moms. Promoting their products is very reassuring because of how much we can trust them as moms. If Olympic athletes trust their nutritionals, I guarantee we as moms can trust them for our families. Athletes are the most PICKY people about their bodies - just like all of us should be!!!