Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The New Design and tools of 5000moms has launched! To celebrate, parties were held in Boston, Salt lake City, UT. Eagle Mountain, UT. St. George, UT. and Southern California. We had an amazing night connecting with new 5000moms associates across the country.

Check out the new site at!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of the founders to walk you through the site, please email one of the following founders.
andrea@5000moms- St. George, UT
shawna@5000moms- Salt Lake City, UT
ganellyn@5000moms- North Salt lake, UT
linn@5000moms- Boston, Mass
jennifer@5000moms-Boston, Mass
camille@5000moms- Southern, CA
brenda@5000moms- St. George, UT
Nisha@5000moms- Eagle Mountain, UT

You will find new Mom resources, new Health resources and new Business resources.

Also, here is a new business article "Keep Improving. . . or Die", by Andrea Palmer- 5000moms project manager. that talks about the "climb" of starting something new, and also a summary of the new business partnerships and events that 5000moms has recently acquired.


  1. What an amazing party last night--thank you everyone! I cannot stand how much I love the new site, but mostly, I am so grateful for the 5000moms project and what it is doing in my life and what it is doing in the lives of others.

  2. It was such a great party. I love parties. I just wish we could have all be in person to see each other and hug each other. One day! Thank you to everyone who came and had a good time in the various locations... SLC, Southern Utah, back East... Excited about 5000moms and our new look for sure.